20-Ride Streetcar Assessment Member Sales Outlets

For purchase and distribution to Streetcar Special Assessment Tax District employees, business owners and residents. Fare card comes out to only $1.25 a ride! For use on the streetcar system only. Not available for purchase on streetcars. See below for a list of sales outlets.

Click here for a map of TECO Line Streetcar System ticket sales outlets.

Ybor City:

HART Administration Building
1201 E. 7th Avenue
Tampa, FL 33605
(813) 384-1517
Centro Ybor Office
1600 E. 8th Avenue
Tampa, FL 33605
(813) 241-8838

The Channel District:

Grand Central at Kennedy
1208 E Kennedy Boulevard
Tampa, FL 33602
(813) 225-1948
Duckweed Urban Market
111 North 12th Street, Suite 1102
Tampa, FL 33602
(813) 223-2500

Downtown Tampa:

HART Marion Transit Center
1211 N. Marion Street
Tampa, FL 33602
(813) 384-6301
Duckweed Urban Market
803 North Tampa Street
Tampa, FL 33602
(813) 221-3825

Bank of America Building
202 North Franklin Street
Tampa, FL 33602
(813) 221-7484
Visit Tampa Bay Store
One City Center,
201 N. Franklin St.
Tampa, FL 33602

 For more information on the 20-Ride Special Member Rate Fare Card, please call the HARTinfo line at (813) 254-4278.

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