Streetcar Vehicles - Breezer Car

A Breezer is an open-air streetcar where passengers board directly into their row, there is no one main entrance onto the car. Weather blinds are located at the ends of each row in case of inclement weather. A safety barrier is lowered after all patrons are seated. Breezer streetcars originated with flatbed, horse drawn wagons fitted with benches which first appears in the U.S. in the 1830s. Tampa’s original streetcar system included 50 Breezers as of 1914.

The streetcar is used in regular service, weather permitting. The Breezer comfortably seats 78 passengers with room for an additional 10 standing passengers in the cab area at each end. A motorman and conductor are needed to operate this car, whereas the regular streetcars only require a motorman. This Breezer streetcar was built in 1984 by the Gomaco Trolley Company, the same manufacturer who built the other streetcars in the fleet. Accessible for one patron with a wheelchair.

Tampa's only "Open-Air" Streetcar!

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