TECO Line Streetcar System Featured in National TV Commerical

We're ready for our close up.


The TECO Line Streetcar was featured in a New Era cap company national television spot alongside Tampa Bay Rays 3rd Basemen, Evan Longoria. The television spot features Evan Longoria racing around the Channelside area chasing after a man whom he believes stole his hat. 

The streetcar is featured for roughly 25 seconds in the minute long spot, when Evan Longoria jumps from his bicycle onto the streetcar in a "do not try this at home" stunt in search of the "hat thief". 

"It was good. I loved it because there were a lot of changes of scenery, a lot of action and a lot going on, so it made it a fun shoot," said Longoria to ESPN about the commercial.

The commercial debuted April 4, 2010 during Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN.


Evan Longoria New Era commerical


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